February 15, 2021

Book Review : Declutter your Mind

This is a must read book since we are in a digital age and especially going through pandemic times, we certainly need to declutter our minds. There are four things to declutter the mind.

Decluttering your thoughts

Here are some of the causes for mental clutter.

There are some habits suggested to get around this causes, from practicing focused deep breathing, meditation, reframing all negative thoughts and some times ignoring the negative thoughts and moving on

Decluttering your life obligations

Decluttering your life relationships

Delcuttering your surroundings

Start with decluttering the home, get rid of things that has been not used in past 6 months, simply your digital activities, first get rid of the habit of taking phone to the bathroom and often take a digital sabbatical.

I loved this book and highly recommend reading this to detox your mind.